Weight Loss Tips

May 9, 2014

With summer approaching, there are many ways to increase our daily activity level be it due to the motivation of daily sunshine or the opportunity to enjoy more outdoor walks or runs. Check out our top three weight loss tips for Southampton.

Drink Water! In short, drinking 6-8 eight ounce glasses of water each day helps to prevent strain on your body and brain. Water can also help fill you up faster so you consume less food. In addition, water keeps your brain thinking clearly through stressful situations for those who tend to eat excessively because of emotional triggers. So, seek out a favorite container and bring water with you wherever you go. When walking outoors, know you need more water. Check in with a personal trainer to make sure you are getting the right amount you need for your work out.

Proper Nutrition. Consider your physician recommended diet which will likely be filled with fruits, vegetables and protein. Seek out new foods and drinks, such as, juicing, vegetable juice, spinach, and salmon. A bit of honey, with its anti-oxidant properties for the aging, may help to inhibit free radical damage.It’s also critical to stay away from artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, high-sugar drinks and foods, hydrogenated fats, and white-flour products. Create a calendar for the types of foods you will have during each day.In this way, you can schedule planned meals with the right ingredients!

Exercise. Exercise allows your body to process oxygen much more quickly and efficiently throughout your body. In doing so, exercise helps to diminish fat. Movement alone can wake up the body. Personal trainers are as popular as juicing today. So, visit your local fitness center and find out more about personal training. If you are more of an outdoors person, seek out new interesting places to visit.

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