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Losing Almost 100lbs Gave Me My Life Back…

Newsday FullPageThe desire for living a healthier, more productive, active lifestyle was all the encouragement I needed!

Let me introduce you to my journey. My name is Lucien Washington and since November of 2007 I have lost 96 pounds. I now run five miles everyday along with a workout that makes my body feel great. When looking at the image in the mirror, I still have a difficult time realizing that it is my reflection I am looking at and not someone else’s.

It wasn’t long ago, 34 years old that I was 315 pounds and could not walk a block without getting tired. My blood pressure was out of sight. I had sleep apnea and pains in my chest… Only 34 years old! Clearly something had to be done, and quickly! And along came NY Weight Management Programs!

First I would like to thank God for giving me inspiration and directing me in finding professionals of such excellence and skill. Dr. Nick Gabriel and my nutritionist Sheryl Phillips go well beyond the narrow parameters of simply being my doctor and nutritionist… They care! In fact the entire group has been most caring, respectful and accommodating! Being a minister I am always helping others and counseling others but they have become ministers to me.

Call NY Weight Management Programs for an appointment, and join me and the weight management professionals at one of their Free Info Sessions.

Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Asthma Symptoms & Diabetes… All Gone!

testimonial-2No magic involved, only the desire for living a healthier, happier more productive lifestyle.

Patti-Jean Dieck was 294 pounds and struggling to function. Her obesity was both physical and psychological burden.

Since her weight loss she no longer suffers with:

High blood pressure that once threatened her with coronary problems and potential stroke… GONE!

Diabetes… GONE!

Asthma symptoms that once made her breathing torture… GONE!

My life is worth living 110 lbs less… still counting down!

testimonial-3I understand losing weight for health reasons is common and my decision to consider RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery was primarily for health. However, what finally convinced me was the psychological affects of years being morbidly obese at 324lbs, while trying to cope with bipolar disorder type I. Although I suffer with mood disorder my cycle was predominantly depressive even with the aide of psychiatric medications. I thought changing was hard and I gave up on myself, psychiatry, and life. The staff at NY Weight Management Programs gave me hope, shared testimonies, informed me thoroughly on the medical procedure, nutrition and modifying behavior to improve my health. They gave me hope that if I commit to the program, along with the surgery as a tool I can get my life back. Guess what? I DID and MORE! Now I am on less psych-meds, more active, thinking positive, and focusing on new challenges. I still experience mood swings on occasions (depression or hypo-mania) but I am coping so much better. Thank you, [Dr. Gabriel], Sheryl Phillips, and all the staff at NY Weight Management. My life is worth living one-hundred and ten pounds less… still counting down.

“I though changing was hard and I gave up on myself… The staff at NYWMP gave me hope”

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