Robotic Bariatric & General Surgery

Robotic bariatric and general surgery represents one of the greatest advances in surgical care since the advent of minimally invasive techniques several decades ago. With hundreds of thousands of procedures performed since its introduction, robotically assisted bariatric and general surgery is a proven option for patients that qualify.

Dr. Gabriel is trained and highly experienced in robotically assisted surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System. Unlike how it sounds, it is not the robot itself that performs the surgical procedure, rather Dr. Gabriel has complete control over the robotic arms at all times. Comfortably seated in a surgical pod near the operating room, Dr. Gabriel moves specially made instruments that look very similar to traditional laparoscopic devices. The robot then scales and translates Dr. Gabriel’s hand movements into deliberate and highly precise actions within the OR.

The robotic system has wristed arms much like a human, however they have a greater range motion then either the human wrist or the laparoscopic tools that we use in traditional minimally invasive surgery. This means that even some highly complex surgeries can be performed in a laparoscopic manner, whereas before it was not generally possible. Further, the surgeon is immersed in a three-dimensional field of vision, allowing for an optimal view of the abdomen. This is far superior to the two-dimensional screens currently used in traditional laparoscopy. Finally, the system lends itself to less surgeon fatigue as a result of the ergonomic, comfortable control station.

The benefits of robotic surgery over traditional open surgical procedures are many and include

  • Less pain
  • Less blood loss
  • A shorter hospital stay and
  • A shorter recovery

These benefits, in qualifying patients, may be even greater than those of traditional laparoscopic surgery, depending on the procedure. Of course, much like any surgical procedure, robotically assisted surgery comes with a degree of risk. These risks will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Gabriel.

It is important to note that not all patients will qualify for robotically assisted surgery. Further, robotic surgery tends to cost slightly more than traditional surgical procedures and as such may not always be financially viable. Please contact our office to learn more about whether robotic surgery is right for your particular circumstance.

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