Gastric Band with Plication

gastric band with plicationWith the use of the gastric band and discovery of the plication procedure, combining the two procedures creates a combination effect, leading to the safest form of weight loss surgery available.

The gastric band is inserted creating a pouch to hasten the amount of food entering the digestive tract allowing you to feel fuller quicker. Due to previous complaints of still “feeling hungry”, the plication procedure, which involves folding the stomach to create a smaller surface area, helps extinguish this problem. Combined pouch with a smaller, less expandable stomach will lead to early fullness and decreased quantity of food being ingested.

The Lap-Band is adjustable and reversible allowing for it to be a safe surgical option for losing weight. However, long term weight loss tends to slow down or plateau leaving patients unsatisfied. The plication procedure, also reversible, in addition to the gastric banding alleviates long term dissatisfaction while still creating an environment that provides good nutritional support.

Other procedures, such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, have been noted to allow for quick and extreme weight loss, however come with more complications then banding and plication. Combining the plication with banding allows for safe and extended weight loss, which will assist in optimal satisfaction.

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