Bariatric Surgery Support Group

In order to achieve long term weight loss success, having on-going education and support is important. It is also important to note that weight loss surgery does not guarantee that you will achieve your weight loss, health and wellness goals. While surgery is an important tool to help facilitate weight loss, long term weight loss success depends on your ability to make lifelong changes in eating and activity behaviors, and your ability to develop the coping skills needed to manage stress, anxiety and all the other emotions that have driven you to eat in the past. No matter how motivated or committed you are to making lifestyle changes, doing it on your own can be very challenging.

Being a part of a support group can significantly improve your chances of success. The support group is designed to provide education and support to the patient preparing for weight loss surgery and well as those who have already had surgery. We provide a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere where you can share your thoughts, feelings and expectations with others, and also receive the support, education and encouragement you need to succeed.

Benefits of Bariatric Support Groups

  • Support groups provide a solid support system and an atmosphere where you can rely on the members to listen, encourage and cheer you on.
  • Support groups have been shown to increase the chances of short and long term patient success following weight loss surgery.
  • Active participation in a weight loss surgery support group will not only make the tough times easier but has also been proven to result in greater success at weight loss.
  • Provide a sense of belonging to a group. You are surrounded by people who understand you and have similar challenges and you get the opportunity to share your story.
  • Group topics are informative and the discussions are engaging.
  • Support group provides reliable information.
  • It is an opportunity for you to invite you family members so they can be educated about the process and understand the important role they play in your success.
  • The interaction during support group meetings may help to relieve the stress associated with weight loss. It helps you to realize you are not alone and also help you to learn coping strategies.
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