OPTIFAST Non Surgical Weight Loss

OPTIFAST is a complete, non-surgical and medically supervised weight loss program that has consistently shown exceptional promise in assisting those motivated to lose weight. Unlike at-home diet and exercise programs, the staff here at Gabriel Minimally Invasive & General Surgery remain a part of our patients’ weight loss progress from beginning to end. We routinely monitor patients to ensure they are making good progress and sticking to their personalized plan.

The OPTIFAST program begins with complete meal replacement for approximately 12 weeks. This means that each patient will have their meals managed through the program. The meal replacement portion of the diet is clinically balanced to ensure optimal nutritional intake and avoid any nutritional deficiencies that are common with less structured by programs. While caloric intake will be significantly reduced, the meal replacement shakes are delicious and most patients don’t miss their former diet after long.

Over the course of the rest of the 26 week program, patients will eventually transition back to a normal, self-prepared diet, usually at a much lower starting weight. Their new diet will include more healthful and low calorie foods so that they can maintain their new weight and possibly lose even more.

Diet will not be the only level of support. Rather, our staff will provide individual and group counseling as well as the education that our patients need to ensure that they will maintain a healthy diet long past the end of the program. It is this medical supervision and our dedication to your health that makes this diet so much more than many others you may have tried. And the OPTIFAST diet does not end when the program does. All patients will be supported through personalized communication during and after weight loss to ensure they maintained their goals over the long-term.

For Weight Loss Surgery Patients

The OPTIFAST program is also suitable for pre- and post-surgical weight loss surgery candidates. Post-surgical patients can benefit from two exceptional and proven weight loss methods working in tandem. Participating bariatric surgeons such as Dr. Gabriel will tailor a suitable diet and exercise program that allows for the maximum potential weight loss.

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